‘Big Brother’ 22 All Stars Schedule: When Do Episodes Air?

CBS is moving Big Brother All-Stars on the television schedule. It’s going to be a big shift of things for many viewers, especially with how static most of the seasons have been in recent years.

Typically, episodes have aired on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays over the years. Before that, It was a regular Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night show, keeping things easy for viewers to remember.

Now, though, with the fall schedule starting to ramp up, CBS has been forced to make an adjustment for the month of October.

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Hopefully, CBS does a good job of promoting the schedule change, and host Julie Chen Moonves gives a lot of reminders. They could be very necessary.

Big Brother schedule change in October

Beginning with the first Sunday in October, Big Brother 22 will no longer air on Sunday nights. The network is clearing the decks for the return of Sunday Night Movies, which will require moving Big Brother to a different night.

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Instead of airing an episode on Sunday, October 5, CBS has moved that episode to Monday, October 6. For the rest of October, Big Brother will remain on Monday nights and the show will air at 8/7c each week.

The Monday night episodes will cover everything that Sunday night episodes have been known for in the past. It will be spent giving recaps of the previous eviction, introducing the new Head of Household, and revealing who they have nominated for eviction.

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Wednesday and Thursday night episodes will remain in the same timeslot, which will actually free up weekends for CBS viewers that don’t also stay tuned to the live feeds every night.

It is unknown if the days that things take place in the house will be adjusted or not, but it will probably remain the same for the time being. For instance, nominations will still likely happen on Fridays and the Veto Competitions on Saturdays, with the results taped for being shown on later episodes.

Big Brother All-Stars reaches its final 10

There are just 10 people left in the game after Ian Terry got evicted on Thursday night. He became the first member of the BB22 jury and will likely be in the jury house alone for the next week.

The show now rolls on without him and there is also a new Head of Household in charge of the game. This is where cameras in the jur house could be useful after Daniele Donato promised Ian safety and lied to him about it for no reason.

Stay tuned, because things could get really interesting this week when the next nominees are revealed.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS (for now).

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