14 Best Vacuums For Dog And Cat Hair

Vacuum cleaner against concrete wallZYN CHAKRAPONG/SHUTTERSTOCK

Not all vacuums are created equal

When it comes to cleaning up after your pet, not just any vacuum will do. Instead, look for one that’s designed to handle the special challenges that come with having a roommate covered in fur. “The primary design considerations for pet hair include preventing pet hair from wrapping on the brush roll, preventing pet hair from clogging the system, efficient separation of pet hair for ease of emptying and filter designs that reduce or eliminate pet smells,” says Kevin Pohlman, Vice President of Engineering at Hoover. Thankfully, there are a ton of options out there that fit the bill. These are the best vacuums on the market to get rid of the pet hair that’s taking over your home.

14 Best Vacuums for Dog and Cat Hair
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