7 Penny Stocks That Look Far Too Risky To Bet On

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Penny stocks across all sectors have been popular with investors active on

Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets subreddit. But, one area, in particular, they’ve found many of their favorites has been in the biotech space. Not only a lot of penny, or low-priced stocks, are in this industry. The high-risk, high-potential return nature of biotech investing makes it no surprise retail speculators online are active in this area.

Earlier this year, Reddit investors sent many low-priced biotech names “to the moon.” But, in recent weeks, many of these popular names have pulled back from their highs. For some, this is justified. There was little going on to justify their inflated valuations. For others, though, there’s more in their corner than just online hype.

For biotech names, things can be very make-or-break. News of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval can turn a stock parabolic. But, one hiccup, misstep, or stumble can send a biotech stock down 50%, 60%, even 75% in a day.

In short, this isn’t an area you should bet the ranch on one opportunity. Yet, for those with an adequate risk appetite, and the discipline to size positions?  You can find many opportunities where the potential for gains more than makes up for the high risk.

So, which biotech penny stocks, popular with the Reddit set, offer such opportunity? Consider these seven as ones with potential to live up to online enthusiasm:

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