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Y'all can rest easy — the raccoon that's been stranded on a tall building is SAFE!

For those who haven't been keeping up with the important news, the internet fell in love with an adventurous raccoon this week after he spent two days scaling a 25-floor building in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Locals watched with bated breath as the animal slowly ascended the high-rise looking for food, causing many to grow emotionally invested in the well-being of who >Twitter

would soon dub the


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As workers inside the building documented the raccoon's journey upward, a private animal contractor was able to bait the top of the building with a can of cat food inside a trap. And it all went to plan!

Early Wednesday morning, Minnesota Public Radio News'

Tim Nelson reported that a law firm on the UBS building's top floor confirmed the animal had been successfully trapped. He will soon be released into the wild by Wildlife Management Services, per local reports.

The #MPRRaccoon's enthusiastic fandom could not be happier about his capture. After days of stressing about the animal's safety, most internet onlookers felt as if a close friend had been rescued from the wilderness and was now peacefully eating cat food in a cage.

Relive #MPRRaccoon's journey (below)!

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