Draymond Green Trolled LeBron James Via T Shirt

This isn’t the first time James and Green have progressed their feud through tees. After Cleveland disrupted the Warriors' 2016 Finals bid, James emerged from the airport wearing a shirt that paid tribute to the “Ultimate Warrior,” the WWE wrestler. James explained it was simply the only clean shirt he had left, which, well—sure, LeBron. And after the Warriors took back the title from Cleveland last year, Green returned the favor in a black tee that read “Quickie,” styled like the Cleveland Quicken Loans Arena logo. This time, there was no ambiguity: “I can’t forget the Ultimate Warrior shirt,” he told CSN Bay Arena, “The 3-1 Tombstone cookies and all of that, so I was waiting on this moment, but definitely my guy, that’s family.”

Draymond Green Trolled LeBron James Via T-Shirt
Draymond trolls LeBron with T-shirt at Warriors' title parade
Draymond Green again trolls LeBron James with shirt at Warriors’ parade
Draymond Green Trolled LeBron With This T-Shirt At Warriors Parade
Draymond Green trolls LeBron James with T-shirt once again at Warriors' championship parade
Draymond Green Trolls LeBron James With T-Shirt at Championship Parade
Draymond Green once again trolled LeBron James at the Warriors championship parade
Once again, Draymond Green is using a T-shirt to troll LeBron James at the Warriors' championship parade
Draymond Green Shades LeBron James Again With Championship Shirt