EP Review: Nick Wilson ‘A Face I’ve Never Seen Before’

The Seattle Seahawks are riding high at 5-1. It’s a dream start for a team that notoriously opens the season slow and then turns it on in the second half. Up next is a matchup against the 4-2 Baltimore Ravens.

Containing Lamar Jackson will be the primary point of emphasis for Seattle in Week 7. However, it’s Earl Thomas’ return to CenturyLink Field that is the top storyline. Let’s start there in this week’s mailbag. Thanks, as always, to those who submitted questions.

How do we feel about ET3 coming back to Seattle for the first time with another team? I am generally excited because he was such a staple within the organization and still remember that hit he put on gronk.

— Aaron (@Aaron_314) October 15, 2019

Every Seahawks fan should feel nothing but love for Thomas. He is a future Hall of Famer and will be in the Seahawks Ring of Honor one day. Richard Sherman was the mouthpiece of the Legion of Boom, but it was Thomas’ silent swagger that helped make Seattle’s secondary so imposing.

I’m curious to see what, if anything, the team does for Thomas tribute wise this Sunday. The best course of action might be to do nothing and wait to extend an olive branch after Thomas retires. Thomas is known for being locked in on gameday and any tribute isn’t likely to be well received. There’s still plenty of bad blood between he and Pete Carroll. Thomas said he doesn’t regret giving Carroll the finger as he was carted off last season. This is the literal definition of a revenge game.

My guess is that this is bridge is burned and will remain burned for a while. When the Seahawks do attempt to make amends as an organization, it will likely be when Carroll is long gone. But that shouldn’t change how fans feel about Thomas and his contributions to the organization from 2010-18.

What’s up with the pass rush? It has been MIA

— Steve 🎃👻🧟‍♂️ (@steveo6924) October 15, 2019

I’d be very concerned about the pass rush as a Seahawks fan. Seattle hasn’t had a sack in two weeks, and it’s alarming the defense wasn’t able to hit Baker Mayfield once on Sunday – especially given that the 49ers sacked Mayfield four times and hit him eight times the game prior. The pass rush has a long way to go, and we haven’t even seen enough glimpses of its potential in order to feel optimistic.

The obvious storyline this week is whether or not Jarran Reed can help jumpstart the group. Reed had 10.5 sacks last season and an improved interior rush should help Jadeveon Clowney and Ziggy Ansah off the edge. The secondary has had its issues for sure, but the pass rush has done nothing to help out the back end of the defense so far. As the Athletic’s Sheil Kapadia pointed out, the Seahawks are tied for producing the lowest percentage of sacks and quarterback hits on opponents passing snaps.

Any chance they try Jamarco at LT with Duane Browns injury?

— David Borland (@davidborland16) October 15, 2019

It all depends how long D.J. Fluker is out. As long as he’s out, Jones will remain at right guard. Carroll sounded optimistic that Duane Brown would miss only one more game at most. I think Seattle will bank on George Fant playing better in his second start at left tackle rather than continuing to move Jones around.

When will Marquise Blair get playing time?

— Suspended Kobe (@ClappedKobe) October 15, 2019

Marquise Blair played just eight snaps against the Browns but it was a step forward given that he was a healthy scratch the week prior. The good news for Blair is this: neither Tedric Thompson nor Lano Hill have cemented themselves as every down players. Carroll said all four safeties (Blair and Bradley McDougald included) deserve playing time. But that sounds like coach speak for, “Nobody outside of McDougald is good enough to warrant full-time reps.” So until one of the other three emerges, it behooves Carroll to do his best to keep every guy involved from a confidence standpoint.

This all is to say that the opportunity is there for the taking for Blair.

Should we anticipate a trade for a TE or OT given the injury bugs?

— Evan Atwater (@evanatwater) October 15, 2019

Carroll left the door open for making a move at tight end, saying, “We’re always working at it,” on Monday. To me, the most obvious move would be trading for O.J. Howard. The Buccaneers first-round pick back in 2017 has laid an absolute egg through six games this season. Howard has just 13 receptions for 176 yards, no touchdowns and a lost fumble. He seems to be in Bruce Arians’ doghouse, and it seems like the best thing for both parties would be to move on from one another.

Howard, still only 24, is a lottery ticket worth chasing at 6-foot-6, 251 pounds. Who knows what the price tag is, but John Schneider should be calling to inquire regardless.

How long does the waiver process take? When is the earliest teams can submit claims on waived players?

— Zmall (@The_fakeZ_mall_) October 15, 2019

Players get placed on waivers at 1:00 p.m. PT on a given day and then are available to be claimed for the next 24 hours. If five teams put in a claim on a player, the team with the highest waiver order is who gets him. If no team claims the player, then they become a free agent. The one caveat is that if you claim a player, you must add him to your active roster.

Is russell Wilson a robot?

— Peter⏫ (@PeteVandeventer) October 15, 2019

Most signs point to yes.

Your top three Halloween candies please.

— Matt Johnson (@Matt_Johnson_75) October 15, 2019

So as much as I love gummy candy, I’m all in on chocolate. That take in and of itself might make this list controversial.

1. Kit Kat

2. Twix

3. Snickers

Feel free to @ me on Twitter with your disagreements.

Bonus list of best gummy candy:

1. Sour patch kids

2. Sour punch straws

3. Swedish fish

What is your Patronus?

— Lifelong Breakfast Taco Fan (@hawknado) October 15, 2019

Ooh a Harry Potter nerd question, and I’m so here for it. Truth be told, I have no idea if there are any rules here. But I did some research. My first thought was an elephant. When I googled “are there elephants in Harry Potter?” some wizard named Hedley Fleetwood popped up. Apparently, Mr. Fleetwood had a wooly mammoth Patronus. That sounds pretty epic so I’m going to steal that one. The internet can be such a beautiful place.

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