Former Nets Star Jarrett Allen Gets Furious At New Teammate [WATCH]

Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

One look at the post-LeBron James Cavaliers or James Harden-less Houston Rockets is all you need to understand the potential perils of leaving the cupboards bone-dry after a furious championship chase. From that standpoint, it makes sense for the Warriors to be wary of over-investing in the present at the expensive of the future.

At the same time, Golden State could have reasons to feel good about its championship odds already next season. Slot a healthy Klay Thompson alongside Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, and you could have the outline of a contender. But the rest of the roster needs work, and that's where an uncomfortable conversation could spawn.

The Dubs boast some of the Association's top trade chips—should they choose to put them in play. James Wiseman, this year's second overall pick, is firmly in that discussion as an athletic 7-footer who can play above the rim and maintain effectiveness away from it. But he's also really rough around the edges, and smoothing those areas out will take time.

So, is it sensible to work with Wiseman on his development, knowing that slower than expected progress could put next year's championship hopes in jeopardy? Or is it riskier to dump him for a win-now piece, which might not push this team over the top, and wind up watching him put it all together elsewhere? That's a conversation that's surely keeping the franchise's top decision-makers up at night.

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