Grill Accessories

Grill accessories include an assortment of essential tools and appliances that help enhance the barbecue experience, not only by simplifying barbecuing, but by opening up new or alternative ways to cook. Whether you need to cater a party with large quantities of food, treat your family to a delicious meal or maintain cooking equipment, find the right accessories among warming racks, grilling materials, barbecue grill covers and cleaning systems. Grill accessories help you do it properly, and keep your grill in good condition. There are several factors to consider, such as grill type, usability and specific grilling needs, that can help you select the right barbecue accessories.

A Grill Cleaning Brush Effectively Cleans Residue 

A three-sided brush can get to hard-to-reach places, and is an optimal solution for cleaning up after you finish cooking. Choose a barbecue cleaning brush with an ergonomic handle for a more comfortable grip during use. Brushes with thick, stainless steel bristles can withstand hot temperatures and pressure, and are easy to use. Factor in the brush material and the cooking grate material for the best cleaning results. 

Digital Instant-read Thermometers Help You Cook Food to the Right Temperature

A digital BBQ thermometer with instant-read capabilities provides quick and accurate readings to ensure your meat or poultry cooks to the right internal temperature. They come with a range of convenient features, including a backlit display that is readable from any angle, and a splash-proof casing. Some thermometers conveniently switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and they offer an ample reading range for different grilling conditions. Whether you're using a smoker, charcoal or gas grill, cooking safe and well-prepared food depends on a thermometer.

Rotisseries Enable Even and Controlled Roasting

A rotisserie provides an effective method for slow-roasting food evenly, and it frees up space for more efficient cooking. The grilling experience can be augmented with classic barbecue heating items, such as mesquite wood chunks and chips. You can also find dual-function outdoor heaters that support rotisserie cooking.  

Chimney Starters Are Fast and Easy for Lighting Coals

Chimney starters offer a quick and efficient way to light coals without having to use lighter fluid. This is a grill accessory that is easy to use, and is available in a range of designs and sizes. The lighting chamber should have ample room to accommodate adequate coals and other heating materials, and large air vents for free airflow and easy access for matches. Some chimney starters have two handles for secure dumping of the hot coals onto the BBQ grill. The main handle should be heat-resistant, and the second swinging wire handle can add more stability and control to the coal-dumping process. 

Barbecue Grill Covers Prevent Damage From Environmental Elements

Barbecue grill covers are usually heavy-duty PVC, canvas or vinyl, and they protect units from weather elements and other environmental conditions. The fitted covers work well for a range of grills, including portable BBQ grills, free-standing models and built-in kitchen grills. A main factor to consider is the cover design to ensure that it's compatible with your grill model.

Grill Accessories
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