Heatwave In Spain Claims Two Lives

A heat wave that left blistering temperatures across southern Manitoba over the weekend claimed two lives, according to Manitoba Health.

The province says the two people died of conditions related to hyperthermia, which occurs when the body absorbs more heat than it can dissipate.

The province is working with its chief medical examiner to confirm both causes of death and whether any drug use was involved.

The province did not release any further details on the victims.

Over the weekend, temperatures in Winnipeg reached as high as 30.5 degrees Celsius, not including the humidex. On Monday, Environment Canada issued a heat warning for southern Manitoba as temperatures climbed to as high as 38 degrees with the humidity.

“Manitobans are reminded to be diligent during extreme heat,” a provincial spokesperson said in an email Monday.“Be aware of the temperature and be prepared, stay hydrated, stay cool and keep out of the sun.”

In response to the heat, End Homelessness Winnipeg launched an ‘Extreme Heat Response Plan’ designed to help those experiencing homelessness who are at a greater risk of exposure to the sun.

The plan is posted online and outlines the symptoms of heat exhaustion, as well as a list of shelters and other places to cool off.

Relief is on the horizon, however, as temperatures are expected drop Tuesday and the rest of the week.

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