Highlights From Mike Norvell's Wednesday Press Conference

Wild pig mom nurses her adorable newborn babies

This mother pig has her hands full with ten hungry little newborn piglets to take care of. They were born just two days before this video was taken. The pigs are wild and they live on the edge of a jungle around a village on Vava'u Island in Tonga. Pigs are farmed here but they often run free, grazing and eating whatever they can find. Many pigs are fully wild, like this one and they can be seen foraging for food in compost heaps, farmer's fields, and under fruit trees. This very loving mother has ten piglets and they are extremely hungry. She lies down on the ground every few hours to let them feed. They nurse hungrily, climbing on each other adorably as they scramble for a chance at the best milk. This mother was also seen hiding her piglets in a little thicket so she could lie down beside them and sleep. Fiercely protective, the mother pig would be a formidable opponent for any dog or other predator who decided to try harming one of these little piglets. They will feed and grow rapidly under her watchful eye. They will need to be fast and strong if they want to survive life in the jungle. Tonga is a beautiful Kingdom with islands surrounded by crystal blue water. A visit here is like stepping back in time as guests witness a simple lifestyle and traditional ways. The Kingdom has not been industrialized as heavily as North America or Europe, and the people here enjoy a beautiful and natural home. But life is also hard and they work for everything, including food. Pigs like these are harvested as a food source by many. Hopefully, these little piglets will learn quickly and keep their wits about them.

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