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Russian banks have become the main flagships of fintech. They realize a lot of interesting ideas that can be adopted.

Markswebb conducted annual independent research of mobile banks for individuals called Mobile Banking Rank 2019. We compared 46 mobile apps for iPhone and Android smartphones with a desk survey based on a checklist of 500 criteria and 5 usability tests.

Results give an idea of the market situation, show trends and open up new opportunities to win customers.

We found 300 best practises practices for implementing different user tasks and are ready to share examples of some solutions.

Grouping transfers by details type

Typically, transfers recipients are divided into “Other People” and “Bank Clients” in mobile apps. Users do not understand this division and do not want to think which bank serves the recipient.

Tinkoff Bank implemented approach that meets the expectations of customers and does not force them to make a choice once again when transfering money.

Implementation of a Quick Payment System taking into consideration client scenarios

Rosbank introduced a convenient practice that makes easier client’s way to transfer funds. The name of the form does not focus customer’s attention on the technology used. The client does not need to choose the main bank of the recipient.

Several ways to recognize receipts

Not all receipts are read equally well by QR code. Pochta Bank implemented a convenient practice to recognize them.

Recharge from the card connected to Apple/Google Pay

Client still needs to enter the data of the card manually to add to the wallet. Capabilities of smartphones shorten the way to solve this task.

Purchase payment through Quick Payment System

VTB implemented a good practice of paying for purchases through the mobile app. The client needs to scan the QR code on the desktop website version, and then a completed translation form appears. The client only needs to confirm the payment without entering the details or additional information.

Registration of individual investment account in app

Mobile banks offer opportunities to invest in products that do not require personal management. Key players decisions are similar. Section “Investments” appears on the main screen, from which client can be forwarded to opening an individual investment account or buying Mutual funds.

Storing insurances in app

Usually, the bank sends the insurance to the client’s email after purchase. Сlient is not comfortable looking for it there. Alfa-Bank implemented a good practice of storing the insurance where the purchase was made.

Instant cash loan

Сlient can apply for a loan in many mobile banks. But all subsequent steps will take place in other channels: loan request response comes as SMS, and client receives money in the branch. Home Credit Bank provides its clients with an instant loan with a convenient way to receive money — in cash or online. Offer terms are calculated immediately after the application.

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