Lisa Montgomery's Final Hours Before The Trump Administration Executed Her

MS:  We're going to go back and cover the facts that most people in the media canceled. They didn't want to even touch it. Matter of act, if you went on TV and tried to talk about it, they shouted you down. So we're going to talk about it because half the country wants to hear about it. I mean, I get calls from people all the time, like, is this true? Is that true? So we're going to walk through the facts and then the second thing we're going to do is talk about it all starts with the Constitution. I think most of what we'll spend time on is cancel culture and the Bill of Rights. Why do socialist Democrats not view it as something we ought to be ready to die for, and support like they used to? Cancel culture is just a cancer in our society. We have people that are on execution lists. We have people that are on lists that say they should never get a job again. 

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