Mardi Gras 2018: What Is It And When Is It?

Timed either intentionally or coincidentally to open as Six Flags Great America transitions into daily operation for 2018, the Mardi Gras Hangover — the 16th coaster on the park’s roster — proved to be a compelling blend of differing ride experiences for those testing it out on Tuesday morning.

“It was kind of like The Joker,” said 14-year-old Alex Purtell of Park Ridge, who was among the invited guests climbing aboard the closed-loop coaster prior to the gates opening at 10:30 a.m.

While Purtell’s comparison to The Joker — a tumbling free-fly coaster that opened about a football field away in 2017 — focused on the upside-down nature of the Hangover’s revolutions, his friend Sam Scully said he liked both the inversions and the height involved.

“The best part was hanging upside down,” Scully said, “and it was a lot like Giant Drop, definitely, because it has a couple of big drops and you’re nice and high up there.”

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