Sonos Has Released Its First Wireless Charging Speaker – Here’s How To Get Your Hands On One

Speaker-extraordinaire company Sonos isn’t one to get left behind when it comes to the latest technology.

Way back in 2017, they jumped on board the ‘digital assistants trend’ that took the world by storm by creating >the Alexa-compatible Sonos One.

Now they want you to have sound any time, anywhere, with the Sonos Move, which you can pick up and take outside, or move around your house without losing the music.

The Verge, with more on the company’s first portable speaker.

The company has announced the new Sonos Move, a $399 speaker that works with Sonos’ current Wi-Fi-based system but also includes the ability to connect to devices over Bluetooth. It comes with an internal battery, which is good for up to 10 hours of playback, and a charging base to keep it charged when it’s in your home. The Move will be available for preorder today, September 5th, with retail availability starting on September 24th.

The Move is considerably larger than the Sonos One that we mentioned earlier, which makes it a bit more difficult to carry around than your average Bluetooth speaker.

Sonos solved this problem by designing a handle directly into the Move’s plastic shell to make it easy to pick up and move from room to room or take out of the house.

The charging base, which has two pogo pins that line up with the contacts on the back of the Move, give the speaker a “home” when it’s not in use, ensuring it’s charged and ready to go when you need it. If you’re on the go and need to top up the battery, there’s also a USB-C port on the back.

See it in action here:

Looks like a good time.

The Move’s larger footprint provides it with more volume and power than the Sonos One. It’s equipped with two Class-D amplifiers, which push a single tweeter and a mid-woofer driver. Sonos says the Move is powerful enough to overcome the rapid falloff in volume that happens when you play music outdoors.

The Move also has an IP56 water and dust resistance rating, and the company claims it’s strong enough to withstand accidental falls, rain and moisture, sand and dust, and other elements that might be encountered when a speaker is taken outside of the house.

The Move is also the first Sonos speaker with automatic TruePlay tuning, which lets the speaker adapt its sound for its environment. With earlier Sonos speakers, TruePlay tuning required walking around a room with an iPhone or iPad while a beeping tone played from the speaker to “map” the room. The Move can use its own microphones to adjust its sound within about 30 seconds of playback, which is much easier than the prior method and convenient for a speaker that will migrate from place to place on a regular basis. Sonos says it’s likely this will come to its other speakers that have microphones in the future.

If you want to get your hands on one of these beauties, you can pre-order by following this link.

The Sonos Move will ship from overseas, so it’s best to avoid the hassle of dealing with customs, VAT duty, and everything else that comes with shipping – get hold of 

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You’re welcome.


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