Terrorists Now Financed By Fundraising, Legal Businesses: PPATK


Jakarta - The Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (PPATK) announced a shift in the pattern of how terrorist groups are now funded compared to previous traditional known ways through criminal acts.

They deemed terrorist in present gather funds from individual supporters, community organizations, or legal businesses in the herbal industry, selling phone credit (known as pulsa), and electronic services.

“They used to collect fund by conducting fa’i (wealth obtained from non-Muslims). Now they gather funds from legal businesses,” said Chief Ki Agus Ahmad Badaruddin on Wednesday, August 7, in a discussion held by the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Malang.

Moreover, Ki Agus revealed that social media fundraising has been used in the past, which is promoted as a humanitarian fundraising act. However, the institution found that some had ended to the hands of terrorists.

He reminds the public to stay vigilant and be cautious in donating funds. Ki Agus also urged people to do a background check toward philanthropy groups that might seem suspicious.

“The pattern changed since 2015,” said the PPATK chief after announcing dozens of individuals and organizations that are believed to fund alleged terrorists or terrorist organizations that have collected a total transaction up to billions of Rupiah.


Terrorists Now Financed by Fundraising, Legal Businesses: PPATK
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