That Raccoon Who Climbed A Building In Minnesota Has Been Rescued

A raccoon who had the US state of Minnesota on tenterhooks after it scaled an office building has been released back into the wild.

It somehow managed to climb the UBS Plaza in Saint Paul, captivating spectators below who were tracking the raccoon’s progress.

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The whole saga kicked off on Monday, when staff from the Minnesota Public Radio public radio building noticed the little cutie atop the city’s Town Hall.

As we learned from a yarn from Minnesota Public Radio’sTim Nelson, it stayed there overnight before scrambling up the UBS building.

On Tuesday evening (Minnesota time), the raccoon reached the 23rd floor and curled up for a nap, seemingly unaware of its huge online following.

By that time, the raccoon was a hot topic on social media with the #MPRraccoon hashtag going off on Twitter.