The Top 10 Portable Generators To Get For Your Home


  • High quality foldable chair included that holds up to 220-pounds.
  • Sanitary clean air ionizer built-in.
  • Four carbon heating panels instead of three.
  • Heated foot pad included.
  • Two front pockets for convenient accessory storage.
  • Remote control functionality.


  • Amongst the most expensive options.
  • No style options.
  • EMF readings are higher than some may like.

The Radiant Saunas Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Sauna is pretty clearly one of the best options on our list. Because of its deluxe demeanor, it can handle individuals of up to 6′ 5″ and 220-pounds. And that’s in part thanks to the heavy-duty portable chair that comes along with it. 

It sports an easy to assemble Beech hardwood dowel support frame. There are high-quality interior and exterior from compartment zippers. A remote control is included that offers 6 automatic timer settings. There are dual front pockets for convenient storage. And the sauna can hit temperatures of 150-degrees inside which should be perfect for just about everyone. 

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  • 2. Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable Personal Sauna

    Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable Personal Sauna> Price: $210.99 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • Moisture resistant fabric is great for outdoor use.
    • Carbon heating panels promise even heat distribution.
    • Heated footpad and foam floor mat included.
    • Remote control functionality.
    • One-year warranty.
    • Foldable chair included.
    • Front pocket for remote and accessory storage.


    • Three heating panels instead of the Harmony Deluxe's four.
    • No style options.
    • Pricey.

    The Radiant Saunas Rejuvinator Portable Personal Sauna offers what its larger sibling does but at a lower price and smaller profile. It offers easy setup and a structure that’s durable with its lock-stitched quilted design. It has a comfortable collar opening thanks to the soft terry cloth cotton. A heavy-duty dual zipper makes it easy to get in and out of. And the remote control ensures that temperature and timer settings are easily at your fingertips. 

    A heated footpad and foam floor mat comes with it. The carbon fiber trio of heating panels promises even heat distribution. The front pocket allows a place for your remote and leisure accessories. And the one-year warranty that’s included ensures you’ll be comfortable with your purchase. 

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  • 3. SereneLife Full Size Infrared Portable Sauna

    SereneLife Full Size Infrared Portable Sauna> Price: $379.99 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • A fully enclosed sauna.
    • Foldable chair and heated footpad are included.
    • Anyone can fit within.
    • Even though it's large, it's still portable.
    • Remote control for heat and timer settings.


    • Just one heating element.
    • More expensive than the smaller models.
    • More complex to setup and break down.

    While all of our other portable saunas are compact in size, SereneLife offers a Full Size Infrared Portable Sauna. Instead of small sauna that exposes just your head and arms, SereneLife’s option is nearly six feet tall yet still can be conveniently folded up for storage and portability. 

    Included is the tent, foldable chair, and a heated footpad. A remote control is built into the unit for heat and timer settings of both your body and feet. The unit can hit a max temperature of 140-degrees for ample sweating. And because of its PVC frame, it’s easy to break down and transport at a moment’s notice. 

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  • 4. HUKOER Portable Infrared Sauna Dome

    HUKOER Portable Infrared Sauna Dome> Price: $699.00 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • Numerous health benefits including blood circulation, an increased metabolism, and weight loss.
    • Adjustable timer and heat settings up to 60 minutes and 158-degrees.
    • A lay down sauna is more comfortable than sitting.
    • Contains 45 energy stones.


    • The dome makes it harder to clean and sanitize.
    • More expensive than the smaller enclosed models.
    • Laying down may inhibit reading or television watching.

    Although it differs in that its a laydown model instead of a sit, the HUKOER Portable Infrared Sauna Dome is one of the better choices on our list. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s super-efficient in what it’s aiming to do. 

    HUKOER states that their infrared dome can be used to increase your metabolism, accelerate blood flow, and attack your fat layers to help entice rapid weight loss. The dome is designed to heat the entire body with infrared heat. It sports insulation to ensure cold air remains outside the threshold and the warm air stays in. The leather lining is waterproof. The control box can be used to set timers of up to 60 minutes and temperatures up to 158-degrees. And because you lay down during use, it’s about as relaxing as a portable sauna can get. 

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  • 5. Audew Portable Infrared Sauna

    Audew Portable Infrared Sauna> Price: $156.99 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • Heats up to 140-degrees.
    • Includes heated foot pad.
    • Folding chair included.
    • Convenient remote control for heat and timer settings.
    • Front pocket for remote and accesories.


    • Folds up, but still a bit large to carry.
    • Only available in one style.
    • No warranty information listed.

    The Audew Portable Infrared Sauna is an excellent option in the portable sauna game. It’s orange and silver design looks sleek. And it’s comprised of oxford cloth and fire cotton to ensure both insulation and safety.

    It heats with a carbon fiber heating plate which provides a more balanced heat setting than other options using mica board. Audew includes a folding chair with their kit to sit in while using the sauna. A footpad comes with it so that your feet get pampered too. There’s a pocket built into the front to hold the included remote or other accessories you use to pass the time. And two holes in the front ensure that your arms and hands are never hindered. 

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  • 6. SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa

    SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa> Price: $186.99 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • Includes foot pad heating mat.
    • Comes with a foldable sauna chair.
    • Wired controller for timer and heat settings.
    • Available in black, silver, and gray.


    • Folds up, but not compactly.
    • No warranty information listed.
    • More expensive than most.

    The SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa is one of the most popular options available. It promises everything you’ll need to bring the spa experience into your home. It comes with a foldable chair for comfortable seating. It zips up the center to ensure your heat doesn’t escape and has a top hole cover for your neck for complete insulation. 

    A footpad heating mat comes with the portable home spa so that you’re feet are pampered too. Temperatures get up to 140-degrees thanks to the 1,050-watt output. A timer can be set for up to 60 minutes. And the included wired remote ensures all of the sauna’s features are easily accessible to your fingertips. 

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  • 7. Smartmak Far Infrared Portable Sauna> Price: $179.99 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • Tourmaline stones are within the sauna's walls.
    • Chair and heated foot pad included.
    • Temperatures up to 149-degrees.
    • Remote control functionality.
    • Available in beige, blue, purple, and white.


    • Folds up, but still large to carry.
    • A little expensive.
    • No warranty mentioned.

    The Smartmak Far Infrared EMF Portable Sauna has all of the features needed to be a contender for the best portable sauna. It comes with a foldaway chair that you can comfortably sit in while using the sauna. There’s a wired remote control included so that you can adjust heat and timer settings. And a heated footpad is there too so that your feet are properly appreciated.

    Smartmak has tourmaline stones built into the heated walls which is said to promote the nervous system, blood, and lymph health. The three low-EMF carbon heating panels ensure an even heat throughout the sauna. The tent is waterproof and machine washable for easy cleaning. And it’s available in multiple colors, including beige, blue, purple, and white with a blue border. 

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  • 8. Ridgeyard Infrared Portable Sauna

    Ridgeyard Infrared Portable Sauna> Price: $149.99 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • Maximum temperature reaches 167-degrees.
    • Included foldable chair and heated foot pad.
    • Remote control functionality.


    • Timer's maximum setting is 40 minutes.
    • Mica heating plate instead of carbon fiber.
    • On the more expensive side of our options.

    The Ridgeyard Infrared Portable Sauna uses a mica heating plate to get their sauna temperature up to a balmy 167-degrees. It has three holes for your head and arms. And there’s a remote control to easily set your heat and temperature settings.

    A foldable chair is included. As is a heated footpad to keep those toes toasty. It’s compact in size and can be folded up for storage. And Ridgeyard promises a long life so that you can avoid costs at the spa (though there is no warranty information provided). 

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  • 9. Aceshin Portable Steam Sauna

    Aceshin Portable Steam Sauna> Price: $96.99 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • 9 level temperature control and up to a 60 minute timer.
    • The sauna folds up compactly for easy transport.
    • Can add herbs and essential oils into the steamer.
    • Safe automatic power off when water runs out.
    • Wireless remote control.
    • Insulated waterproof fabric to retain heat.
    • Available in brown and gray.


    • Heated footpad not included.
    • Requires bulky steam cooker.
    • No front pockets.

    The Aceshin Portable Steam Sauna utilizes a 2-liter professional steam cooker to bring the heat within this portable sauna. The cooker also sports a box for you to incorporate some herbs or essential oils into your steam. A wireless remote control is included for you to adjust across 9 levels of temperature. And a safety sensor is built-in to ensure the steamer doesn’t run dry. 

    Outside of the steamer, the sauna can be folded down compactly into a small profile for easy transport and storage. There’s a timer that can be set for 10-minute increments up to 60-minutes. The sauna’s fabric is waterproof plastic to ensure heat doesn’t escape and it’s easy to clean. And with its ability to heat up in just 5 minutes, it’s energy-efficient and gets you going fast. 

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  • 10. ZeHuoGe Portable Steam Sauna Kit

    ZeHuoGe Portable Steam Sauna Kit> Price: $71.29 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • Steam temperatures can near 150-degrees.
    • Six different timer settings and nine different temperature optoins.
    • One of the cheapest options on our list.
    • Great style options.
    • Herbal box allows you to add herbs and essential oils.


    • No heated footpad included.
    • PVC frame may take time to break down and put back together.
    • 150-degree steam can be dangerous.

    The ZeHuoGe Portable Steam Sauna Kit might just provide the most bang for your buck in the steam sauna department. Available in champagne gold, silver, or red, this sauna kit includes everything you need for a super reasonable price. A foldable chair with carrying bag is included for sitting. As is a remote control to adjust timer settings across 6 different options. And temperature settings span across 9 different levels of intensity. 

    The steamer is 2-liters in size which will allow for sauna sessions of up to 60 minutes. It sports an herbal box for you to infuse your steam with herbs or essential oils. The digital display is easy to read and modify with the remote control. The two zippered ports in the front give you full use of your hands. There’s a pocket on the exterior to hold the remote or your accessories. And with temperatures hitting up to 149-degrees, you’ll be shedding fat and sweating out those toxins in no time. 

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  • 11. Wicks Portable Inflatable Sauna

    Wicks Portable Inflatable Sauna> Price: $140.00 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • Great for those that don't want to use infrared heating.
    • Aromatic container built-in for your herbs or essential oils.
    • Steamer allows for multiple heat and timer settings.
    • Wireless remote control included.


    • Has to be inflated with the included air pump.
    • Aesthetics aren't great and doesn't come in other styles.
    • No heated footpad.

    The Wicks Portable Inflatable Sauna is unique in that it actually inflates with an air pump before using it. Once inflated, it utilizes a 2-liter FCC certified steamer to get the sauna going. A wireless remote control is included with heat and timer settings. And the steamer comes with an aromatic container too so that you can fill your sauna with beneficial herbs or essential oils. 

    A foldable chair is included to sit on. As is the electric air pump you’ll need to begin your session. The entire thing is infrared free if that style of heating concerns you. There’s a safety notification if your water runs dry. And it’s designed to fit individuals up to 7′ tall and over 200 pounds. 

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  • 12. Durasage Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna

    Durasage Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna> Price: $99.95 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • Lightweight and transportable.
    • Steam gets hot at temperatures of over 113-degrees.
    • One of our list's more inexpensive options.


    • No chair is included.
    • No heated footpad is thrown in either.
    • No front pockets or remote control.

    The Durasage Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna is one of the better-looking selections on our list with its sleek gray and pink design – and it has an appealing price tag too. It utilizes an 800-watt steam generator to produce heat within the sauna. A timer can be set for up to 60 minutes. And interior temperatures can hit over a steamy 113-degrees. 

    Essential oils and herbs can be added to the steamer for additional health benefits. There are two zippered front holes for your hands and of course one for your head. And because it’s only about 10 pounds in total, the entire sauna is really simple to break down and take on the go. 

    Find more Durasage Lightweight Personal Steam Sauna information and reviews here.

  • 13. Body Spa Portable Sauna

    Body Spa Portable Sauna> Price: $49.99 Amazon Customer Reviews > Shop at Amazon


    • Great option if you already own a steamer.
    • One of our list's least expensive options.
    • Folds up super compactly.


    • Steamer not included.
    • No chair or other accessories included.
    • Looks flimsly.

    If you already have a steamer in your home, then you can keep things cheap by picking up the Body Spa Portable Sauna. It’s a cheap option as it only comes with the foldable sauna tent itself. You’ll need to provide your own steamer and chair. It’s built with the holes you’ll need for your head and arms. And because it folds up so compactly into a small round bag, it’s easy to take and store pretty much anywhere. 

    Find more Body Spa Portable Sauna information and reviews here.

  • Infrared Sauna Benefits

    The benefits of infrared saunas are quite numerous. While in use, these saunas are known to increase your blood circulation, stimulate your sweat glands, and help to release toxins that are residing within your body. 

    For years, infrared saunas have been known to relieve stress and fatigue. They help to subside muscle aches, joint pain, and arthritis. Saunas help to increase your metabolism thus leading to fat burning and weight loss. And they also contribute to better heart health, skin health, an improved immune system and more. 

    Infrared Portable Sauna

    All the benefits listed above can be taken on the go thanks to our selection of infrared saunas being portable. Our list consists of both infrared and steam portable saunas, but there are many who prefer the infrared options for a variety of reasons. 

    There's little risk of burns as infrared saunas don't use hot steam. And because you don't have to transport actual steamers, they're much more portable too. 

    How Long to Stay in Sauna

    Many of the saunas on our list have timer settings built-in so that you can conveniently just set pick a time, sit back, and relax. Some of these timers have settings that can keep your session going for up to 60-minutes. 

    However, according to, it's not recommended that you stay in a sauna for more than 15-minutes at a time at a maximum, and just 5 to 10-minutes for beginners. Extended time in the heat can put you at a risk for dehydration. And experts say you should wait for at least 10-minutes after workout sessions before entering a sauna. 


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