The Best Films To Watch On UK TV: Friday, 7 August

Neon-noirs, sky diving kung fu and court room classics all feature as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Friday, 4 September.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

A pair of lounge singers seek out eligible rich men in light and lavish musical Marilyn Monroe classic

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

 11:00am Film4

The horrific true story of soldiers sent to their deaths in a needless battle in the Korean war in essential classic

Pork Chop Hill

 00:05am Paramount Network

Two Australian sprinters follow idealistic fervour into the wasteful workings of an unwinnable war in Peter Weir's


 4:40pm Film4

Relic robbing gadget freak Jackie Chan turns artifact preserver in full-body-skate-chasing, skydive-kung fu-ing gem

Chinese Zodiac

 7:00pm Sony Movies

Unwanted fur coats, sneaky smuggling and stone cold murder when an incorruptible cop investigates a heroin kingpin

American Gangster

 9:00pm Sony Movies

The Hangover (Credit: Warner Bros)

Toothless dentist, pretty boy and fat Jesus discover toilet tigers & testicle shocks while searching for lost groom in

The Hangover

 9:00pm ITV2

Top taut action drama when an ex-sniper is set up to take the fall for a treasonous crime, from director Antoine Fuqua


 9:00pm Film4

Three friends come of age in one night of car shooting, penis drawing, menstrual staining, girl chasing, fake IDing fun


 9:00pm Dave

V-flashing Bellas face sexually confusing German nemesi in password farting, aca-irreverent aca-feel-good aca-fun

Pitch Perfect 2

 9:00pm E4

Jack Nicholson talks fellatio and the dangers of truth handling when a code red causes classic courtroom conflict in

A Few Good Men

 9:00pm 5 Star

After losing Control, ex-spy must weed out double agent from Circus and expose Witchcraft in MI5's midst

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

 10:45pm BBC One

Urgently trying to legitimise his business, Oscar Isaac faces catastrophe at every turn in intense dialogue drama 

A Most Violent Year

 00:10am Sony Movies

Acoustic expert's sanity slips while orchestrating Italian audio horror in aurally immersive character study

Berberian Sound Studio

 1:50am Film4

Statuesque incest survivor reluctantly embarks on path of vengeance in Blinding, surreal, nightmarish neon-noir 

Only God Forgives

 2:35am Sony Movies

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