WATCH LIVE: The Sights And Sounds Of Mardi Gras 2018

Defenseman Justin Braun said: “Winnipeg. Dark, cold, internet a little questionable. Internet doesn’t work ever. I don’t know if they have Wi-Fi there yet.”

Like a father whose kids had been bullied, Jets Coach Paul Maurice put everything in perspective.

“That happens in Canada, occasionally,” he told reporters. “Pretty regularly every winter. It’s dark at night. Yeah. That happens pretty much around the world.”

Maurice added: “I don’t think any coach, any player, trainer, referee should ever complain about a day in the National Hockey League. We got a sold-out building. Pretty sure that goes into hockey-related revenue and everybody cashes their check.”

As the smallest market in the N.H.L., Winnipeg cannot claim the natural beauty of Vancouver, the cowboy cool of Calgary, the vibrancy and prestige of Toronto or the French charm of Montreal.

Winnipeg’s claim to fame is that it is a key railway and transportation hub connecting the eastern and western parts of the country.

Some of the city’s expatriates in Toronto are starting to learn about Motel Bar, a 40-seat tavern called Little Winnipeg because it shows nothing but Jets games.

Daniel Greaves, a Winnipeg native and the lead singer of the band the Watchmen, opened the bar in 2011 to showcase live music. The Jets returned to Winnipeg two months later, and he started putting on their games, though the bar has only one TV and a couple of projection screens.

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