Who Is Olympic Snowboarder Kelly Clark Dating? Her Relationship Status Isn't Exactly Clear

U.S. Olympic snowboarder Kelly Clark — who has made five Olympic appearances and earned three medals — has been a fixture of the Winter Olympic games since she made her debut in 2002. So, who is Kelly Clark dating? Well, Clark is one of the more *secretive* Olympians, as the focus has always been on her legendary halfpipe performances.

She first became a household name after her stunning debut at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Then, still a teenager, Clark took home the Gold medal for women’s halfpipe. By 2011, she had already appeared in two more Olympic games, started her own foundation, and became the first woman to land a 1080 in competition. That’s what fans know about her professional career, but what about her personal life? Is there anyone special?

Her romantic life is certainly less clear.

When Clark is asked about her personal life in interviews, she discusses her faith and not much more. The snowboarder is proudly Christian. She’s spoken with religious-leaning publications before about her relationship with her faith, and reportedly snowboards with a religion-inspired sticker on her board. Apart from her faith and her charities, Clark is tight-lipped about *that special someone* if they exist!

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So, does this mean Kelly Clark is single and ready to mingle?

Maybe! If there’s one thing fans do know about her relationships, it’s this: They don’t know anything at all. And that’s cool! For someone who’s been so famous for so long, it’s totally OK that she’s keeping her private life private. Kelly Clark might be dating, or she could be married. Maybe she’s spending her downtime in Pyeongchang swiping right, or maybe she’s not interested in dating right now. The point is, her relationship status isn’t widely known.

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In the meantime, though, keep an eye on Clark’s Instagram! She loves her amazing golden retriever, and posts incredible photos of her teammates and her travel. Perhaps she’ll be comfortable revealing her relationship status post-2018 Winter Olympics. Until then, who Kelly Clark is dating is as mysterious as how snowboarders land their incredible tricks.

Who is Olympic snowboarder Kelly Clark dating? Her relationship status isn't exactly clear