Winter Olympics 2018: ‘Stunning’ Curler Who ‘looks Like Angelina Jolie At 21’ WINS Medal

But others were more keen on drawing attention to her antics with stones in hand.

“#anastasiabryzgalova is definitely beautiful, but let's not ignore the fact that she is also the reason they won that medal. She way outperformed her husband in almost every match they played.  Now go ahead and go back to talking about her looks, because I know y'all don't care,” wrote one.

The Zenit St Petersburg football team joined in the congratulatory messages by writing: “Congratulations to St. Petersburg's Russian curling duo of Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander Krushelnitskiy on winning Russia's first ever #Olympics2018 curling medal! We are waiting for you back in St. Petersburg!”