Dua Lipa’s Wedding Style Hyper Glam Tutorial

Recently, Dua Lipa strongly disputed such conservative ideas. The Future Nostalgia singer wore a futuristic ensemble that was perfect for a music video. It included metallic knee-high boots, a lavender slip dress that could double as daywear, and a beaded handbag. Who said you couldn’t make the bride seem good?

Dua’s outfit included a dress, gloves, and boots from the fall 2022 Bottega Veneta collection—the first under the direction of the company’s new creative director Matthieu Blazy—as well as a purse from the same line that has not yet been made public. The singer completed the maximalist outfit with a pair of early 2000s-inspired sunglasses from GCDS eyewear.

Dua posted “weddingseason” on Instagram only hours before she featured in Balenciaga’s Haute Couture Fall 2022 show in Paris and showed off her eye-catching guest dress. It was appropriate to wear a striking sunny yellow outfit in this circumstance.

Unapologetically risqué and daring clothes are just as contentious when it comes to guest attire as wearing white. But at least among celebs, it’s becoming more popular. When Kendall Jenner wore a cut-out dress with a lot of negative space last year, she unintentionally brought attention to this fact. There was no need to fear, however, as Jenner later admitted that she had asked the bride’s permission before going for the playful look.

It’s a motivating ensemble for any aspiring bride who wants to adopt a daring and fashionable style on her wedding day!

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Dua Lipa’s Wedding Style Hyper Glam Tutorial
5 Dua Lipa’s Songs Which Made Her Concerts More Engaging
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