In Good Health

By Amanda Lamb, WRAL reporter

Most people don't survive being hit head-on on a highway by a wrong-way driver. Markelle Foushee is among the lucky ones, but she faces a long road of recovery after being hit on Interstate 440 in the wee hours of June 17.

Foushee, a CAT scan technologist at WakeMed, was on the way home from work when she went from caregiver to patient.

"We came around a curve in the road, and all of a sudden, the collision happened. At the time, I didn't realize it was another car that had hit me. I don't remember if I saw headlights or anything. That's how fast the accident happened," Foushee told WRAL News from her hospital bed.

Foushee expressed gratitude toward first responders and emergency department personnel who tended to her injuries.

First, a Raleigh police officer who happened to be on the highway and witnessed the crash came to her aid. "He said, 'Hang on, EMS and the fire trucks will be here soon,'" she said.

Once in the hospital, Foushee knew she was in good hands.

"I was glad that they were taking me back there because I knew they would take care of me," she said. "Everybody knows me in the ER because we work so closely ... That's where I work."

Foushee has a long list of injuries, including multiple broken bones in her feet. She faces a series of surgeries and months of rehabilitation before she'll be able to stand or walk on her own.

The wrong-way driver, Tramaine Bagby of Oxford, died as a result of the crash. Police are still investigating why he was on the wrong side of the highway, but the accident report indicates they suspect alcohol or drugs may have played a role.

Funeral services for Bagby will be held this weekend in Warrenton. WRAL News reached out to his family about the crash. They did not respond.

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