Mom Tries To Film Makeup Tutorial, Her Happy Baby Has Some Laughter Filled Plans

The sound of a cute baby’s laughter is definitely music to one’s ears. And this gets aggravated if you are suffering from what the Internet calls ‘baby fever. ’ This particular video that has been shared on Instagram and has been going all kinds of viral, shows the most adorably happy baby that you will come across today, we can guarantee it. The video opens to show how a woman is trying to film a makeup tutorial. But right behind her, one gets to see her husband and her son who can be seen looking intently at the woman trying to film the tutorial. What proceeds, is definitely going to make you laugh out loud in appreciation of how entirely cute it is. The baby's adorable laughter after that, has been winning hearts all over the social media platform and is likely to win yours too.

The video was shared on the Instagram page of the mother of the little baby who can be seen in this video. Her name is Justine and she has over 7,500 followers on her page where she blogs about fashion and motherhood, among other things. “Well I WAS going to show you what to do if you go a little too extra with the blush, but Kam had something better to share,” reads the caption to this cute baby video.

Watch the video right here:

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Since being uploaded on Instagram on July 24, the video has gotten more than 9.88 lakh likes.

On Instagram, one person admits, "Literally I just watched this like 10 times." "This is the best sound ever!” another user adds. A third response shares, "His way of smiling with enormous cuteness is literally melting my heart. "

Mom tries to film makeup tutorial, her happy baby has some laughter-filled plans