Senate Democrats Skeptical Of Extending $300 Unemployment Benefit

Louisiana will become the first Democrat-led state to end weekly $300 federal supplement to unemployment compensation. Meanwhile, in Congress advocates for the extra benefit see extending them beyond September

as unattainable in the current political situation and given the latest economic data.


Democrats may try to fix the patchwork unemployment insurance system across the United States. A proposal by Senate Democrats would overhaul the country’s unemployment system

in the wake of the shortcomings laid bare by the covid-19 pandemic.

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Federal unemployment programs set to expire by Labor Day

The Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program,

which currently provides an extra $300 per week to unemployment benefits, was created along with two other programs to support laid off workers during the economic crisis induced by the covid-19 pandemic. Despite resistance from GOP lawmakers,

the measure, then $600 per week, was included in the CARES Act which Congress passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in March 2020.

The benefit was allowed to lapse in the summer of 2020 as Congress debated continuing covid-19 relief.

Then-President Trump stepped in to use emergency funds from FEMA to provide a temporary $300 weekly boost. Since then, the weekly supplement to other state and federal unemployment compensation being received has been extended twice,

most recently until 6 September.

Louisiana will stop paying the $300-a-week federal boost to pandemic unemployment benefits at the end of July — the first Democrat-led state to drop the assistance.

— CNN (@CNN) June 17, 2021

What are the Democrats position towards ending unemployment benefits?