UK Launches £7m Global Screen Fund

A £7m Global Screen Fund has been launched to support independent film and screen content made in the UK.

Developed in partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI), the fund will support the UK independent screen sector to export their productions to markets around the world, helping them to compete globally and gain more recognition for the British film industry.

While the fund will focus on independent film, it will also support a range of other screen content, including animation, documentary, television and interactive narrative games.

It will help UK content to become more competitive internationally by funding business development and co-production, as well as supporting promotion of screen productions and distribution to help reach larger global audiences and drive revenue.

Culture secretary Oliver Dowden said: "The United Kingdom has an independent screen industry to be proud of. World renowned, our film, TV, video game and animation industries create jobs and growth the length and breadth of the UK.

"The UK Global Screen Fund will export the extraordinary talent and creativity of the UK to audiences across the globe, supporting our talented filmmakers and screen businesses to compete and grow."

This pilot follows the government’s announcement that more than 350 productions have registered for the government’s £500m Film and TV Production Restart Scheme, which has protected more than 35,000 jobs across the sector.

Ben Roberts, BFI chief executive, said: "Today’s announcement of the £7m pilot UK Global Screen Fund will deliver a vital boost to the UK’s exceptional independent screen sector by stimulating international partnerships and generating new export opportunities.

"It’s clear our screen industries continue to punch above their weight internationally and contribute significantly to the UK economy. It’s vital we continue to build on the global impact of our diverse and brilliant independent screen content, enabling the creativity and success for which the UK is so renowned."

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