Video Of 'dadi & Grandson' Dancing On Peppy Bollywood Song Takes Internet By Storm; Watch

Grandparents do not just impart life advice and traditional teachings but also absorb the contemporary elements of this era, such as technology, which has become central to our stay-at-home existence. It is always a treat to watch the elderly trying to grasp the way digital devices work.

Another such amusing incident was shared by a user named Neha Sharma on Instagram. She shared a heart-warming video of her grandmother interacting with Amazon’s Alexa and directing her to play Ganpati bhajans. The thing that will instantly win your heart is the finger that her grandmother raised while giving commands to Alexa and tells it to ‘say’ Om Gan Ganaye Namah and not exclude anything in the bhajan.

The text-overlay in the video read, “This is how my grandmother commands Alexa.” In the caption, Neha wrote, “Dadi Maa and Alexa.”

Take a look at this adorable reel:


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