Wisconsin Recount Confirms Biden's Win Over Trump, Cementing The President's Failure To Change The Election Results

The results of a recount for the Killen City Council District 4 seat confirms there is a tie between incumbent Steve Harris and challenger Michael Boyd, a city spokeswoman said Thursday.

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The spokeswoman, Hillary Shine, said the recount was conducted at City Hall on May 11. It was initially requested by Harris after both candidates received 181 votes in the May 1 election, but then he withdrew his request in favor of a city recount completed by machine over hand.

This all comes after there was a mix-up of districts during early voting where more than 20 addresses were placed in District 4 instead of District 3. Bell County says that mistake was rectified immediately. 

Harris said if a run-off election is needed, it could happen the first or second week of June.

Shine said the City Council will not consider an ordinance calling for a second election at its meeting on May 18.

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Recount confirms Harris, Boyd tied in Killeen District 4 race